Karma is the only scarce resource in the world.

Life is about accumulating the most good points you can. When we all maximize good points, we should reach a better state of humanity for us all, right? Well the question comes down to what we consider to be good points.

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Good points in society today is considered to be money. Money has the most direct impact to our leverage capability in society. Money, in its best form for humanity would represent the amount of value someone gives to the world, but that is not the case.

This structure of maximizing good points would be great if it meant building a world where everyone was taken care of and accounted for. Instead, maximizing money has led to a misalignment of society for fellow humans, where monetary maximization leads to the extraction and commodification of other humans as the best path.

Thus, we can state that the real problem with the world is a structure based on wealth, rather than the good points being in line with doing good**. The best representation we do have of good points that are in line with doing good for the world, is good karma and bad karma. While this currency is less tractable than the standard dollar in the present.

Good karma has infinitely more leverage and power in the long run than standard currency, and as we approach the transition past monetary value, it will become more clear that good karma is the true eternal currency and we will see larger and larger sums of wealth being dedicated to farming good karma.**

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The realization of good karma as this form of eternal currency can come in many ways. The digestion of this fact can be referred to as taking the karma pill.



The Belief: Good Karma is the only scarce resource and the amount you accumulate decides your rank on the eternal leaderboard.

Naturally we as humans are attracted to scarcity. We want to accumulate things that are rare. It is why the shelves emptied of toilet paper when word of the coronavirus pandemic came. Toilet paper demand did not rise, it simply became a scarce commodity in our minds causing our decision making to change.

Imagine if we could do that with good karma. Is heaven not the place where no more good karma exists for us to farm?

Well great, if everyone focused on maximizing their karma reserves that would be great, but having people change from a security and comfort mindset to maximizing the value they create, without any direct financial return requires conviction in why this karma resource is in fact scarce, and why accumulating the most of it is better than comfort and security in the present.

Let’s split the two beliefs up so we can make the argument for conviction for each separately.

First Belief: Good Karma is the only scarce resource we should care about.

Conviction: When it comes to thinking about humanities future, looking at a GDP graph makes it very clear that the resources we do currently care about are on their way to becoming valueless. ****Obviously this belief is a summarized version of “Good Karma is the only scarce resource you should care about” and because of that idea that it is the only one we should care about, it is the only one we should CONSIDER scarce. If you want to make it “Good Karma is the only considerable scarce resource in humanities future” be my guest. I am just trying to fixate on short and sweet for memetic value.


The new meme that is spreading is the idea of the end of the natural world as we know it. Often called the singularity, and by others the idea of climate change. This is only going to increase as artificially intelligent machines continue to breach into our daily lives. On top of this, continual advancements in a range of other technologies will continue to make it more clear how fast we are advancing as a species causing people to be forced out of the comfort of thinking linearly, and to begin to think about the new era we are hurtling towards.

If you farm enough karma, global death of mankind does not happen (ultimate karma flex)

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